Some of the best relationships begin with a simple introduction.

My name is Robert Miller and I have been advising individuals, businesses, and governments on financial matters for over five decades, on four continents, and in two languages. I am available to help make your wildest dreams come true and live your life as it should be lived.

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My Story

As the author, or co-author, of six books (with more on the way) I am challenged to tell "my story" in a few paragraphs. But here goes. My story began sometime near the end of World War II when my father, a dashing Army Air Corps pilot, met my mother, a captivating Beverly Hills fashion model. They were married on March 20, 1946, and I was born a year and six days later. 

I grew up on the beaches of my native Southern California and my childhood was a mashup of the Wonder Years and Happy Days in a beach environment. I began surfing at 7 when we moved from South Central Los Angeles to Manhattan Beach and continued when we moved to Seal Beach 7 years later. Although I have traveled all over the world Orange County has been my home for most of my life.

I became interested in the stock market when my mother's father died in 1956 and my grandmother and I visited their safe deposit box and discovered stacks of stock and bond certificates. Over the folowing months, and years, I analyzed and managed the portfolio by sitting in the offices of a Beverly Hills brokerage office and anxiously paging through Standard and Poor's tearsheets. We clipped bond coupons and collected stock dividends and although my grandmother let me buy shares of companies not in the portolio she was against selling any shares. That was because my grandfather's investment strategy was to "buy quality shares and hold them long-term". Fortunately she eventually listened to me before those "quality shares" of TWA, Pan Am, and other companies became worthless.

My career in financial services began in the late sixties when I became involved in private placements and in real estate development. In 1979 I formed California Securities Corporation, a boutique investment bank specializing in Latin American Finance. Over the years I have been involved in Investment Banking and Advisory, Mortgage Banking, and Real Estate. My background includes success at the legendary Lehman Brothers and Bank of America Investments. My passion has always been Latin American Finance and I am now in the process of organizing a Latin America Capital Fund for real estate financing on both sides of the border.

During the pandemic, I published my third book, Second Wind, and co-authored three books with Henry Park (C19 EconomicsFading Dreams and Rising Fears, and Latino Investors, Entrepreneurs and Advisors) and am in the process of writing new books with Henry Park and Spencer Hoo.

Why, How, What

Why do I get up every day? I am driven by dealmaking and passionate about continuing to make a big and lasting impact on the lives of others, on my society, and on the world. My first book, Rainmaking, is about "impacting the world through the power of emotions and the magic of storytelling."

The pandemic has been a humbling and growing experience for me. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about myself and think about why, how, and what I do. Every client I have, every deal I do, I believe in thinking differently to deliver strategies and solutions that challenge the status quo. The way I challenge the status quo is to continually seek out and provide financial products and services that embrace integrity, offer maximum value, and are easy to understand. 

In the final analysis, what makes me different is not my experience but my ability to comprehend client objectives and give them what they want in an affordable and timely manner while providing the ultimate experience. I understand and thrive upon the dynamics of rapidly changing markets and an ever-changing cutthroat global economy. My why is my passion for dealmaking. My how is innovation and creativity. And my what is simply that I operate independently and without fear of failure.

I am not a match for everyone and really do not want to be. I am very selective about my clients. I want clients who are fearless, innovative, and like me want to make a BIG difference in the world. My personal and business networks encompass some of the Best and the Brightest Investors, Entrepreneurs, Advisors, and Influences in the world. If you think we should connect, please call me at 949.424.5144. Our only risk is not connecting!