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Reimagine Your Dreams.

Financial freedom begins with the right vision.

Changing Lives,
Growing Businesses,
and Building Legacies
of Freedom, Wellness, 
Purpose, and Happiness.

I have been advising individuals, families, professionals, entertainers, athletes, businesses, and even governments, for more than five decades. My background includes investment banking and wealth management at major firms (Lehman Brothers and Bank of America). With an extensive global network, I am supported by the best and the brightest in the financial services. industry. Let's talk about what I can do for you.

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How you feel about wealth, to a great extent, affects what you believe about wealth. And, what you believe about wealth determines entirely how you go about creating and protecting it.

Contrary to what most financial "expects" would have you believe, building and protecting wealth has little to do with clipping coupons and skipping your daily Starbucks Frappuccino. Building and protecting great wealth, in the final analysis, has everything to do with your relationship with money. And, with acquiring and maintaining an abundance mentality instead of a survival mentality.

Money is not evil. Money gives us the power and freedom to choose our individual lifestyle, chase our dreams, dance under the stars, and continue to positive impact the lives of others and, hopefully, leave this world just a little better than when we arrived.

Compared to our entire past American Experience, these are not "turbulent" or "challenging" times. We have survived much more "turbulent" md "challenging "times. The spirit of the American people is always moving forward. 

This is the absolute best time to be living in America for those of us with the ability to dream; and, with the passion to make those dreams come true. Eighty trillion dollars will be changing hands in the next twenty years. Are you positioned to capitalize on this great wealth transfer?

Here's how I will help you reimagine the way you build
and protect personal wealth.

Do you want to live the life you've always imagined? Of course, you do. Your personal wealth is determined by your relationship with money. I am not a money manager. There are computer programs that can manage money better than anyone else. I am not a financial planner. There are software programs for that, too. I don't have any letters after my name. But I do have the ability to help you define how you feel about money - and teach you how to transform your relationship with money to create and protect great wealth.


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Are you ready to make your dreams come true? With the right help, great things can happen.
Let's do the impossible together.
Expect the extraordinary.

Discover your untapped potential and reimagine the way you build and protect wealth by changing your relationship with money. Dance on the edge (always). Reach under the stars (all of them). Take risks (calculated ones). Don't be afraid to color outside the lines (and even erase some in the process). Turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Begin your journey now!

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